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Go For Gold (HT02)

This 30 minute scenic flight takes you by the historical sites of the Gold Rush Era.
Gold was discovered in these hills and rivers in 1862 and is still being found there today.
Flying North over Queenstown, with views of the Coronet Peak Ski Field on one side and the alpine sights of Ben Lomond and Moke Lake on the other, the tour takes you along the mighty Shotover River bed, with its bustling white rapids, narrow gorges and steep canyons to the famous Skippers Canyon.
This was once a town where many hoped to make their fortunes but today is home to a few. View the old pipeline, sluices, swingbridge, old school site and other relics of a bygone era. Imagine the hardship of the early gold pioneers as you view the ruggedness of this landscape.
In the distance appears Mt Aurum and Vangard Peak before another landmark of the gold rush era comes into view, Macetown. In 1863 the population was around 300. At its height the town boasted a school, a church and two hotels. By the start of the 20th Century, the town was in decline and is now deserted. All that remains of Macetown today is the restored school masters house and the bakehouse.
From the air you can see the narrow, unsealed road that heads up the steep sided Arrow gorge. The road crosses the Arrow river 22 times therefore access is limited to 4WD vehicles.
The golden tour comes to a close as Arrowtown, todays town of gold, comes into view below the Crown Range

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